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From Thermal/Noise Solutions to Lightweight Flooring, Decorative Concrete to Floor Leveling and Repairs, if you have a specialized project coming up, contact us. Our team is certified to handle Agilia Screed and many other specialty products and techniques. 

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Our team has the expertise to perform and manage the entire scope of Concrete + Construction Services for the Homeowner and Homebuilder. We offer the service and knowledge of our largest competitors with the dexterity and responsiveness of a small company. Our team completes every project in a professional, safe, and timely manner.


Lightweight Flooring

Noise Control

Floor Leveling

Soil Stabilization


Thermal Solutions

Floor Repairs


FLOOR LEVELING Designed as a complete, bonded or floating floor system for all types of buildings, our floor leveling system leaves a consistently level surface, ready to receive the final floor covering. Our free-flowing toppings are installed using the best equipment with expert precision, and compliant with local fire rating standards. 

NOISE CONTROL We offer complete, acoustic flooring systems. We can assist in the design of a custom flooring system or install a packaged solution from Lafarge and Owens Corning™. This system combines Agilia® Screed floor topping and the QuietZone® Acoustic Floor Mat, to offer outstanding surface leveling, as well as a reliable sound barrier. This floor solution is particularly great for low-rise residential buildings. 

FLOOR REPAIRS We are here to help if you need: Fractures, Unsatisfactory Flatness or Smoothness, Cracks, Surface Dust or Laitance, brittle or humbly or powdery screed, Bleeding. Foothills Ready Mix offers a comprehensive repair service, and can help eliminate any and all of these issues. 

LIGHTWEIGHT FLOORING Quiet floors that weigh less. Multi-storey buildings require more than just level floors. Foothills offers tested and proven flooring system from Lafarge, Owens Corning, and Schluter Systems. This system is fully NRC-tested and certified acoustic floor system that insulates noise. 

DECORATIVE We offer a wide range of decorative concrete and coating designs for your next project. We have true artisans on our team that can deliver stunning floors: Polished, Stained, Micro concrete, Stamped and overlays. Concrete floors offer the strength and durability of concrete while providing you with the ultimate freedom to achieve your vision. 

THERMAL SOLUTIONS There's a lot to like about radiant floor heating: less dust, cleaner air, comfortable flooring and significant energy savings over traditional heating. We offer both Screed A and C in your heated flooring systems, bringing you ultimate thermal performance. Our system's thinness allows the floor to gain, store and release heat better than conventional hydronic flooring systems. 

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